Odd Squad

A high-tech organization run by kids that investigates odd phenomena and uses math to put things right again.

Odd Squad is an Emmy-winning live-action series featuring a core team of young agents whose problem-solving, teamwork, and perseverance help them to overcome the ever-changing oddness in each episode. From recapturing a gallon-sized blob that has separated into smaller pieces, to dealing with a slew of unicorns, dinosaurs, and wizards that have escaped from books, there is no occurrence that is too strange for Odd Squad as they face off against various villains that wreak havoc around town.



108 x 30 min

2 x 11 min stories, 30 min per full episode

95 episodes total (three seasons), 2 specials


Sinking Ship Entertainment


Anthem Awards

Canadian Screen Awards

Daytime Emmys

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Learning Goals

Elementary school math

Problem solving

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Each episode of Odd Squad includes two 11-minute cases embedded with key math concepts and skills. The award-winning writers and directors work with educational advisors specializing in age-appropriate math learning to craft each hilarious adventure, following the mantra: “Odd is the problem—math is the solution.”

Created by Tim McKeon (HelpstersAdventure TimeGravity Falls) and Adam Peltzman (Wonder Pets!Peter RabbitWallykazam!), Odd Squad is produced in partnership with Sinking Ship Entertainment (Dino Dan, Givers, Ghostwriter).

Odd Squad boasts three seasons and includes digital apps, online games, merchandise, two seasons of OddTube, an award-winning short form series for mobile and digital platforms, and the Odd Squadcast, a podcast featuring the characters from the series.

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