Meet Our Neighbors: Holly Gregory

Voice director, dog lover, and baker on the Alma's Way team!

Tell us about yourself and how your role on Alma’s Way. 

I'm the voice director for Alma's Way. My job is to make sure that every actor has a great performance. I listen for the performances that feel true to the moment and most in-tune with our characters. Since our actors record one at a time, it's also my job to make sure their performances will match each other once they're edited together. But most of all, I enjoy the joy – the laughter and creative joy that comes from bringing the words off the page and into the gorgeous voices of our cast. 

Do you have a favorite episode and character on Alma’s Way? 

Having just adopted a rescue dog myself, I'm feeling very partial to the Chaco episodes. I love that he always steals Abuelo's socks! But I simply cannot choose a favorite character – I know them all so well! Alma's neighborhood is very similar to my own Washington Heights area in NYC – we're a short bus ride to the Bronx. So Alma's world is my own home now, and I like hanging out with the whole crew. Let's go get a piragua and see if Frankie Four Feet can spin some tunes for us! 

What inspires you? 

Actors. And laughter. Talented people find joy in what they're doing, and I love watching an actor enjoy a role. Especially since we have such young talent on our show. When a young actor is enjoying a story, laughing and giggling, then I'm really inspired to help shape their performance into something special. 

What was your favorite TV show when you were growing up?  

Mister Rogers is the whole reason I got into television. His power to connect with kids is still inspirational to me: a reminder that kids mostly need someone to talk to – to hear them and to be heard. I also loved Electric Company and Reading Rainbow (I was a PBS kid for sure). As I got a little older, I fell in love with Little House on the Prairie. There was, evidently, a short while that I asked everyone in my family to call me Halfpint... 

What do you like to do when you’re not working? 

I love to be outside walking my dog – every day there's a new way the light filters through the trees or a bird sings into the sky. I also love time with my family (my kids are a hoot!). I love making up recipes. I've made more kinds of muffins than I can remember! A great Saturday for me starts with a dog walk and ends applauding at a Broadway show (and then talking about the show on the subway ride home). Throw some Ethiopian or Greek food in for lunch, too!