Meet Our Neighbors: Victoria Neal

Working on Alma's Way from initial scripting to final delivery, Victoria sees the show at every stage! Learn more about Victoria, Line Producer for Pipeline Studios.

Tell us about yourself and how your career led you to work in children’s television.

I had originally planned to go to law school to study corporate law, but when one of my university professors allowed me to do a painting in lieu of an essay, I jumped at the chance. I had always loved art and thought it would be a wonderful change of pace. That one painting ended up changing the course of my career as it reignited my love of art and inspired me to enroll in the Sheridan Animation program instead of applying to law school. Cartoons had such an impact on my childhood, as they allow you to jump into fantastical worlds while the characters still feel real and relatable. I wanted to be a part of creating those worlds and characters for the next generation of kids. After graduating from Sheridan Animation, I started out in the industry as an animator and then slowly transitioned into production. This allowed me to support a team of incredible artists and to be able to touch and explore every aspect of production from the first script to the final picture being sent out into the world to be enjoyed.

What was your favorite TV show when you were growing up?

This is a very challenging question! I had two favorite shows that I watched as a young child. Winnie the Pooh and Rupert. I loved the stories of Rupert Bear because he went on these incredible and fantastical adventures, always meeting new, fun, and interesting friends along the way. I couldn’t wait to tune in every week to see what would happen. Winnie the Pooh, on the other hand, showed lovely and multifaceted relationships between a group of friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. You really got to know each character and see that none of them were what they may initially have seemed. Rabbit could appear rational, pragmatic and a bit critical, but deep down also cared for his friends. Tigger may seem initially loud, brash, and boisterous, always happy and full of energy, but he, too, could feel insecure and sad. I could see myself and the people around me in these characters, and it taught me that people are never just one thing. Both shows had a beautiful watercolor and children's book styles, which to this day holds a special place in my heart.

Describe your role on Alma’s Way.

As the line producer, I am responsible for overseeing each episode through all stages of production from initial scripting to the final picture delivery. I work hard to maintain the delicate balance between our team pushing the limits of creatively to produce an incredible show, while also maintaining our schedule and assumptions. I track line counts and speaking roles in scripts, track ditties, work with our composers, oversee casting, and record sessions. I oversee all of our design departments, leicas, and picture deliveries. I monitor all production activities between our multiple studios- (i.e studios in Canada, Colombia and Chile). I strive to ensure all of our artists have the tools and resources required to flourish.

What is your favorite episode of Alma’s Way?

My favorite episode of Alma’s Way is "Anniversary Surprise." I love all of the wonderful comedic moments sprinkled throughout the episode. From when Eddie and Alma notice that Tia Gloria and Uncle Nestor’s favorite song seems to be playing everywhere they go, to the moment where Junior and Abuelo are almost caught in the act of decorating, but thanks to Alma are able to sneak away just in time. This episode is full of fun and comedy, and in the end through all of the humor, Alma realizes that the most important part of their anniversary is simply being together.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I am not working on Alma’s Way, I like to explore food. I have always loved trying all different kinds of food since I was a child, this also turned into a love of cooking. I enjoy playing with different flavors and textures to see what interesting dishes I can create. When I am not eating, I enjoy curling up with a cup of tea and watching a good murder mystery. Poirot, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Midsomer Murders, and Murder She Wrote being some of my favorites!