Meet Our Neighbors: Kennedy Randall

Get to know Kennedy Randall, Production Assistant at Fred Rogers Productions. Kennedy provides support on series including Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Odd Squad.

Tell us about yourself and how you came to work in children’s television. 

I've always been interested in media, art, and storytelling ever since I was a kid. I always loved different types of artwork, music, books, movies, and television shows and had some sort of interest in how they were made. I found my love for storytelling at the age of six, then at the age of 18 I found my love for creating media like the media I loved growing up. After college, I worked with children a lot and found a love for that, too. This job was the perfect job I could have asked for considering all the things I found a love for throughout life so far! I couldn’t have found this perfect job at a more perfect time.

What was your favorite television show when you were growing up? 

I would say my favorite television shows growing up were Blue’s Clues and Rugrats. Even as an adult, I will be just as engaged in children’s TV shows while babysitting or hanging out with my nephew. I know way too many theme songs of shows that came out since I’ve been in my twenties!

What goes into your role as a production assistant for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Odd Squad

I love that, in my role, I get to talk to so many different people and be involved in all the steps it takes to finish an episode. I get to proofread all the drafts of the scripts, look over designs, and review the different drafts of the actual episodes. There are always new things to learn and do each day, and it’s a grr-ific feeling to be a part of something so special!

What is your favorite episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood or Odd Squad?

My favorite Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood episode is “Daniel Does Gymnastics.” The strategy song for this episode is “With a little help, you can be brave.” I love that strategy, because it can be hard to do something for the first time, and most things kids are doing things for the first time! This strategy song (like so many, if not all) is one that I could have used as a child, like when I started gymnastics and dance!

What do you like to do when you’re not working? 

I love to write but as of lately, I’ve been trying to find things to do that involve being active or outside! I like to adventure and find new trails in the city to either bike on or walk my dog.

What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime? 

My favorite thing to do in the summertime is go on late evening walks! I love warm weather, and summer evenings are perfect! This summer, I made a big effort to find events and activities for evenings and weekends, which I’ve never done before but plan to continue!

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